Monday, April 2, 2007

Serbia's Art Movement since WWII

Mar 28

The late start today was a nice break. I got to sleep in until 10 and take a nice shower. The guest speaker’s name was Aleksander Macašev. He is a popular Serbian graphic designer and contemporary artist. He told us the history of art in the region starting after WWII. It was really interesting. He was obviously very outspoken. Some people in the class thought that he was offensive, but I thought that he was really great. He also showed us some of his art, which if you are interested you can find on One of the projects that he did that I found particularly interesting was his Joseph Goebbles poster project. You can see it at It was a statement about the media and how anything can be bought or sold. I think that there were definite flaws in some of his arguments, but for the most part he was really inspirational and a really enthusiastic, fun speaker. Tonight is going to be really great. We have plans to go see the national Serbia team play soccer against Portugal. I’m really excited. Going to a European “football” game is going to be a really great time!


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