Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Goya and Clubbing

(I’ve been keeping a daily journal on word, and just now do I have the means to transfer them online, so here they are!)

Mar 23

Today I went to Museo Del Prado, which is Madrid’s most famous museum. It is full of mostly religious paintings and is dominated by the famous Spanish masters: Goya, Velasquez, and El Greco, as well as famous painters Rafael and Botticelli. One of my favorite pieces was “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Bosch because it wass almost like a Dali painting from the 1800s. El Greco also does really moving pieces. I enjoyed his style, which is very angular with vivid colors. It was really cool to see the original paintings that I have seen time and time again in books and art classes. Some of the most famous paintings of Christ were in the museum. Eleanor came and met me downtown after her class, we wandered and got some food. We headed back to her girl friends’ apartment where we met up and then walked over to her school’s faculty vs. students soccer game. It was really fun to watch, and meet more of her friends. We all split up after and we have plans to meet back up to go out to Indian food, and clubbing. It’s Eleanor’s friend Ruth’s birthday so we’re going over there and then off to the clubs.


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Lauren said...

Hieronymous Bosch makes some fucked-up art.