Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Madrid, finally

So ive now made it to Madrid, after a long and grueling day of traveling. I cant believe it was only yesterday that i got on a plane, what with the changing time zones and all i feel like it was days ago. The flights were pretty decent. I flew British Air, and let me tell you, they know how to do it up right! The food was good, there was a choice of like 5 movies, and the seats weren't completely horrendous. My flight left late, and then spent 30 min on the tarmac, so i had to run through the Heathrow airport in London to make my connecting flight, which also stayed on the runway for about 45 min, and was completely empty. There were only about 50 people on the whole plane.
Figuring out the metro in Madrid worked out pretty well. I ended up having to take a bus to the right terminal, then proceeded to take the metro one stop in the wrong direction. No one speaks english here, and i dont speak a lick of spanish, and speaking french totally doesnt do anygood. So thats kind of difficult. But i made it and im stitting in Eleanors room, while she's in class for an hour. I'm not actually sleeping here though. She said I'm staying at "the girls apartment". Im not sure what this means, but we'll find out. I'm sure it will all turn out great.
After class shes going to come back and we're going out to "the food of the gods", which is apparently kebobs. My rececently abandoned vegitarianism should enjoy this. It better be good. Tonight were going to go to "Bang" or "Bash" or something like that. Apparently its a fun place to go on a weds night, but not a full fledged club. Which I'm fine with. I'm trying to keep myself awake to adjust to the timezone, but even if i do take a nap, i dont think i'll have much problem sleeping tonight.
I dont think that it has quite sunk in in my mind where i am, and what im about to embark on: Im moving to the Balkans for three months. Wow. Guess it has to sink in here pretty soon, or im in for one serious shock!


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