Sunday, March 18, 2007

Packing? Who Me?

Alright. This is my first post. For all of you who are reading this and don't know, I'm about to leave for three months to study abroad in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. I am going with the CHID program of University of Washington. There are about 20 students on the trip, and 2 professors. We will be traveling to four different cities and taking 12 credits. We are taking a class called Conteporary Balkans, a Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian Literature Class, and a class called Cultural Communication in the Former Yugoslavia. We have classes about 6 hours a day, 4 days a week, which leaves us with a 3 day weekend every weekend, to do with what we please.
I picked the Balkans becuase it was a part of Europe that i have not yet been to. I also have some friends who are going on the trip, they told me about it and i applied. Scott, my friend from high school is also on the trip. This will be the third time I travel to Europe with him, which is a pretty strange coincedence!
I'm leaving for Madrid, Spain in two days, and I'm actually kind of nervous. I'm spending my spring break in Madrid with Eleanor, another friend from high school, who is actually attending the St. Louis School in Madrid. I'll be with her for four days before I meet up with the rest of the group in Belgrade, Serbia.
In Belgrade we are all staying in the University of Belgrade dorms. Most of the students will be staying in a dorm called "Studenski grad". It is where all our classes will be held. There was not room for everyone in that dorm so along with 4 other students I will be staying in the "Kralj Aleksander I", previously known as the LoLa dorm, in downtown Belgrade. I'm really excited to be right down town. The living arrangements for the first month seem great, especially since there is a possiblitiy that i might have a room all to myself. We'll be Belgrade from Mar 25 to April 14. After that we leave for Dubrovnik, Croatia.
In Dubrovnik i think we are staying in apartments. Dubrovnik is right on the Dalmation Coast, and is supposed to be really beautiful. We will be there from Apr 15 to Apr 23, give or take a day.
Mostar, Bosnia comes next. I don't know much about where we are staying, or what we are doing while we are there, but apparently the town is famous for their Sljevetiz (plum brandy). We will be in Mostar from Apr 24-Apr 30...or so.
After Mostar is Sarajevo, Bosnia. I believe we will be staying in the University of Sarajevo dorms there as well. We will be there the longest out of anywhere else: from May 1 to June 1.
Levi, Matt and I then are all flying out of Istanbul, Turkey on June 11th. We are not sure quite how we are getting from Sarajevo to Istanbul, but hey, thats the adventure right? We plan on stopping by Greece on our way.
I plan on hopefully updating once a day, but I dont know how reliable the internet will be over there. I have Skype if anyone wants to talk to me, my username is alicemj5. I also have aim: Sk8rchic582 (yeah i made it in middle school), and my email is Hope to hear from some of you!!!


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