Monday, April 30, 2007

I Know... I'm a Bum

Hey. i know ive been really terrible about updating this blog. Ive never been much of a journal person. I was hoping i could do it for this trip, but that seems to have failed. So Belgrade is long gone. I am now in Mostar, Bosnia after spending a week in Dubrovnik Croatia. We leave tomorrow morning for Sarajevo, where we will be living for the remainder of the trip. Dubrovnik was beautiful, and Mostar has been an interesting experience as well. This trip has allowed me to learn and do so much that i would never be doing anywhere else. I dont think i can sufficiantly sun up the last three weeks in a single blog entry, and i also cannot figure out how to upload pictures onto blogspot, but if you would like to look at pictures:
Belgrade/ Serbia:


So those are what ive posted thus far. Ill try to get back on the horse and blog a little more regularly for the next month or so depending on internet connection. Hope all is well where you all are, things are great her.


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Juliana said...

Alice! I love you and I want to hear more adventures!!! So, I vote you write more.

I miss you and I can't wait to see you (eventually)
I hope everything is still amazing.