Sunday, April 8, 2007

The meaning of life??

Mar 30

Last night was a late night, but that was ok because we didn’t have class today. The discotheque was really fun. I didn’t meet very many Serbians, only a few, but I did have a fun time with our group. When we woke up we went downtown and met up with Milo and Matt, the other guys from the Lola dorm because they didn’t end up going out with us. We didn’t want to spend another day hanging around the room, and it was a gorgeous day, so we went out. We first got lunch at this nice place in one of the many parks in the area. It was my first real sit down meal since I think I’ve been here. After lunch we went to St. Mark’s, a big Orthodox church near the dorm. It is absolutely beautiful. Orthodox churches are all built in a very similar fashion with beehive-like ceilings. It makes for a very intimidating and grand place of worship. The park surrounding St. Mark’s is full of vendors selling things. I bought a jar of honey, which is the most popular thing to sell in the park. For good reason too, it’s the best honey I’ve ever had. I also bought a cool wool hat from a really old Serbian woman. There is a huge outdoor market very close to where we were, so we went and wandered around that. Both Bryan and Levi bought half a kilo of really good looking cheese. We went back to the boy’s dorm, and feasted on bread, cheese and special Serbian paprika spread. We went over to a small bar/club near their dorm that they frequent. We had a long in depth philosophical discussion, which was really interesting, and then went back to the dorms and went to sleep.


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