Sunday, April 8, 2007

Jat Klub

Apr 1

So the “Jat Klub” turned out to be some guy’s apartment on the third floor of some building downtown. We had to wander around quite a bit trying to find the place, but we finally found it and it turned out to be a really great time. When we first showed up there we were a little out of place. Everyone was pretty dressed up, and older. Mirit has been doing capoeria, a Brazilian martial art, with a group in Belgrade and a couple of them were there, which made things a little less awkward. When we heard that the party was going to be a dance spectacle we thought that it meant that we would be dancing a lot. We were all standing around kind of awkwardly, the only ones who were dancing, and a woman came and cleared a circle in the middle of the dance floor. We weren’t quite sure what was happening, but then 8 or so people came out into the circle and did a salsa dance routine. It was really cool. A little later on there was a capoeria demonstration as well. Mirit wasn’t prepared, but we made her perform as well. We hung out at the party for a while, met some cool guys from Montenegro. It was really fun. The weirdest thing was that everyone there spoke really great English. When we got sick of suffocating in everyone’s cigarette smoke we decided to go to a Salsa dancing club called Havana. When we got there it turned out that the club was going to close in about half an hour, so most of us just decided to call it a night. Scott, Kelly, and Andy went inside, but the rest of the group just hailed a cab and went home. It was a really fun night with some really great people. Last night was the first night I really got to hang out with any of the group that wasn’t Levi and Matt, and it was really great time. I’m so glad I did it. Today was just a day of recovery from being out late last night. I woke up late and hung out with Scott. He took me to go get a giant hamburger and then we went to the citadel to read for class tomorrow. It was a gorgeous day. I ended up lying in the sun, doing a little reading, but mostly napping and taking pretty pictures. Later, I met the Lola boys at their dorm and we went to a club where Bryan’s friend was DJing. It was interesting. After an hour or so there I decided to go home and get some sleep before class tomorrow.


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