Monday, April 2, 2007

"We are closed becuase it is Tuesday!"

(Ok so now i have had an internet connection. Im just bad about updating. So here are some. Not completely up to date though!)

Mar 27

This morning was an early morning. We all met downstairs in the dorm and walked to the B92 headquarters. B92 is an independent Serbian media source in Belgrade, and we were fortunate enough to be given a tour of the building, and the company itself. Saša (pronounced Sasha), one of the original founders of B92 showed us around. We got to see everything: where the daily TV and radio shows were produced and filmed/aired, to the financial department. He told us the history of independent media in Serbia before, during and after the wars. It was really interesting, definitely made me want to be an independent journalist. Not only am I in an amazing part of the world, with a really rich history, but I am getting to do things like tour the premise of the one of the most popular TV/Radio stations in Serbia. The opportunities that our group is getting on this trip are incredible. The tour lasted 2 hours and then we were let go. Most of the group went out to lunch at a cafeteria that was right around the corner from the B92 building. After that we decided to check out the “Mercosur”: the biggest shopping mall in Belgrade. It has a grocery store so I bought some food and school supplies. After the Mercosur we all walked back to our dorms and hung out for a while. After that, Mirit, a friend from the program and I went back to the Lola dorms to meet the boys over there. We met two of them and decided to try and go clubbing. We wandered around a lot and got turned away from a couple clubs because it was Tuesday and nothing was happening. So we ended up wandering around, getting mildly lost, and then going to a couple of cafes. At the end of the night we ended up at a cool Arabic themed teahouse. It was like something from Arabian Nights. Mirit and I took a cab home (it costs only about $5 each to catch a cab from downtown back to Novi Beograd). We have a guest speaker in class tomorrow, but he doesn’t speak until 11, so I have some nice time to sleep in!



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